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We often like to say we sell the types of bikes that other shops don't carry. Or that if you see an unusual looking bike that you've never seen before out on the local trails, there's a good chance it came from here. 
Those are the short, snappy answers to the question of what we do here, but a more in-depth answer is; we provide support to a segment of the cycling community that is largely underserved in the mainstream bike world.
We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom a set of wheels can bring.

Different Spokes for Different Folks

About Bikes@Vienna


Recumbents allow you to ride in a relaxed position that's easy on joints for greater comfort and ease of longer rides with less fatigue, but also provide a more aerodynamic position that allows you to go faster than a conventional bike. We carry a variety of recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes.

Anywhere you have a bit of space, you can tuck a folding bike. They are a great option for adventures of all types. Take them on public transportation and explore urban spaces. Take them in your RV and explore trails, parks, and greenways. Take them on your next trip overseas too! We carry a variety of folding bikes.

Basics about Recumbents and Folding Bikes

Our Specialty Wheeled Products

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We can repair upright bikes, tandems, recumbents, and occasional unicycle. 
We also can do a basic restoration on your vintage ride! (not repainting)

Custom builds, commuter rigs and bikepacking/touring bikes are within our expertise.

We have extensive experience working with ebike systems from Bosch, Shimano, Bafang and Falco.
However, we don't work on exercise bikes, scooters or skateboards, electric or otherwise.

Cycles That We Service

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Bikes@Vienna has proudly served the Northern Virginia/DMV area since 1998
We’ve also earned ourselves happy customers from as far away as North Carolina, Ohio, Alabama and England. So don’t be a stranger. We’d love to see you down at the store.

Est. 1998 in Vienna, VA

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