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E-Bikes & E-Trikes

An electric assist (aka pedelec) cycle gives you the boost you might need sometimes; while being in every other way a typical bike or trike. From commuters who want to get to work in a presentable state; to families hauling kids and groceries, or riders who simply want a little help now and then with a hill, e-bikes have many uses. Far from “cheating”, the e-cycles we carry require the rider to be providing pedal power for the motor to kick in, so it's there to assist, not replace the rider's energy.


At a little over 36lbs, the Brompton electric is the lightest and most versatile folding e-bike on the market. 

It still folds down as small as a regular Brompton so you can still fit it in the same small spaces.

The 300Wh battery and max speed of 15mph give you a range of between 25 and 40 miles from one charge (dependent on user and conditions). 


From the GSD, Vektron or HSD, Tern has an electric folding bike option to fit anyone's needs.

The GSD is a 'full size' electric cargo bike that has a weight capacity of 440lbs and can haul two kids and yourself, or a lot of cargo anywhere you need with the ability to extend the range with a dual battery option.
The Vektron is a high powered commuter folding bike that excels at getting you from A to B without breaking a sweat and then being able to fold the bike and stow it indoors. 

The HSD is the best of both worlds, with a higher weight capacity than the Vektron but smaller and more compact than the GSD.


Hase offers the Shimano STEPS system as an option for their popular Kettwiesel and Trigo trikes, as well as the Pino tandem. Retrofitting an existing Hase bike or trike is not currently an option.


Based around the Bosch Active Line Plus system, TerraTrike builds the Rambler E.V.O. (Electric Vehicle Option) recumbent trike, as well as offering a retrofit “Boost Kit” which is compatible with many of their trikes.


Available for most ICE folding trikes are two different versions of the Shimano STEPS system, which can be paired with a derailleur system or internally geared hub such as the Shimano Alfine or Rohloff Speedhub. Retrofitting an existing ICE trike is not currently an option.

HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik offers several Shimano STEPS options for just about all of their trikes. You can pair the electric assist with a standard derailleur system or an internally geared hub. Retrofitting an existing HP Velotechnik trike with STEPS is not currently an option.

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Looking for a bike or trike? We offer test rides by appointment at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30, Wednesday - Sunday.  
Please email and give us THREE or more times that work for you.  We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.  We are unable to make "same day" appointments.

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