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Recumbent Trikes

Trikes are excellent for all types of cyclists, from elders to kids and veterans or citizens with disabilities. Trikes take balance out of the equation when it comes to cycling. No need to worry about falling and with a variety of models and manufacturers, there definitely is a trike that will work for you!

catrike bike.jpg

Florida-based Catrike produces a line of American made trikes with direct steering and lightweight aluminum frames. Their line includes everything from the base level Villager with a higher, comfortable seating position to the low-slung, racy 700 and fully suspended Dumont, among others.


Possibly the oldest recumbent trike company, Greenspeed has long been an innovator and leader in the tadpole world, having introduced the first commercially available folding tadpole in 2004 with their GT-series, which is still popular today. More recently, their Magnum and Magnum XL models have introduced many larger, heavier riders to the joys of recumbent cycling. And an added feature on some of their trikes is an ingenious quick release front wheelset that combined with folding make the trikes very easy to transport.


In the trike world what sets Hase apart is the fact they build high-end delta style trikes, rather than tadpoles. Their Kettwiesel is a remarkably sporty trike, available with either one rear driving or two, using a differential mechanism.  Their new Trigo model brings the entry-level price for a high-quality delta down considerably, while not sacrificing quality or performance. Hase has also long been very active in producing bikes, trikes, and accessories for those with special needs, and also introduced the idea of “trike trains” to the world (the last we saw they had hooked up over 90 at a time).

HP Velotechnik

This German maker of recumbent bikes and trikes offers two families of trikes, the Gekko without suspension and the Scorpion series available with or without suspension. Many of their models fold for easier transport, and the Gekko series features one of the quickest folds in the trike world.  HP offers an amazing array of options including a variety of drive trains and seats, adaptive products for riders with special needs, and electric assist systems.

ICE - Inspired Cycle Engineering

Located in the UK, Inspired Cycle Engineering features four main trike models, the versatile Adventure, sporty Sprint, high-performance VTX and go-anywhere Full Fat. Offering an amazing array of options, these folks really allow you to customize your trike from multiple drivetrain and brake choices to a wide range of accessories.

Sunseeker trike.jpg

Very popular at the entry-level in both bikes and trikes, Sun Seeker offers a variety of cost-effective recumbent trikes. Our most popular Sun Seeker trike model is the EZ Tri Classic, a comfortable, easy-riding delta trike at a very attractive price.  A subsidiary of a large parts and accessories distributor, the Sun Seeker brand is widely available, making finding spare parts and such a snap.

terratrike photo.jpg

Launched as a company in 1996 from the proverbial “napkin sketch”, TerraTrike has risen to be one of the top-selling brands of trikes worldwide. Their Maverick has the distinction of being one of the more affordable tadpole style trikes, while their Traveler folds down into a remarkably small package for a trike. Currently, the only company offering tadpole tandems, TerraTrike really has lots of bases covered.

Looking for a bike or trike? We offer test rides by appointment at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30, Wednesday - Sunday.  
Please email and give us THREE or more times that work for you.  We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.  We are unable to make "same day" appointments.

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