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Used Bikes & Trikes

This page provides information about used and consigned bikes and cycling equipment being offered for sale at bikes@vienna. While our effort is to keep the information up to date, we suggest you call to determine if an item is available for sale before traveling to the store. Please note, we do not ship our used bikes.

NOT AT SHOP - Berkelbike Pro 11 speed

We are posting this for a customer, so the trike is not here at the shop.  A hand AND foot powered cycle, it's great for a variety of special needs.  You can learn more about the Berkelbike here:

If you are interested in this one, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the owner.  Also, if you want to just try one out, we have an older demo in the shop to try out first.

Hase Pino All-Round Tandem DEMO - NOW $5999

The time has come to retire our current demo of the amazing Hase Pino Tandem.  The Pino is special in that the "captain" sits in back on a conventional bike seat, whild the "stoker" sits in front in a recumbent seat.  This allows both riders to have a great view ahead, as well as making for better communication.  Also great for special needs situations or kids, as the stoker is in plain sight of the captain.  This is $2000 off the regular price. You could convert it to electric assist using a third party kit and it would be only a bit more than a non-powered Pino new from the factory!

Sunseeker EZ Tri Classic - $1199

For many years, our most popular "delta" style recumbent trike, the EZ Tri Classic is a comfortable, easy trike to ride.  Perfect for those who think they want a traditional "grocery getter" style trike but find it isn't as stable or comfortable as they'd hoped.  This one is practically brand new, with fewer than 10 miles of riding.  The tires still have the "whiskers" from manufacturing.  The owner had to part with it due to health reasons, so we are offering it here.  It comes with a small bag on the seat, water bottle cage, mirror, and foot straps on the pedals.  New, these are $1399, so this is a great deal!

Lightning Phantom - $970

A classic short wheel base, above seat steering recumbent, the Phantom is a fast, nimble bike. It 's also a really comfortable ride.  Very well maintained, with about 1000-1500 miles of riding.  Sized for a taller rider, 5'-9" or taller.  New, these are $2850, so we think this is a very good deal for a fine bike.

Easy Racers Tour Easy - $499

A true classic in the two-wheeled recumbent world, the Tour Easy was designed by Garner Martin, and was one of the most popular recumbent for many years.  The steel frame, while a little bit heavier than the similar Gold Rush, has a bit more "give" that adds to the already comfortable rider.  This one is sized Medium/Large, for riders with an x-seam of 40.5" - 43.5".

TerraTrike Spyder Retired Demo - NOW $2499

One of TerraTrike's sportier options, the Spyder is low slung, quick handling, and fast.  It had primarily Shimano parts, with Deore hydraulic disc brakes, SLX rear derailleur, bar end shifters, and 105 crankset.  The 22 speed (2x11) drive train gives you a great range of gears.  We've had this one in the demo fleet for a couple of years, and it's time to send it home with someone at a discount.  A brand new one will cost $4200, so at $2999, this is a good deal.  

Kidz Tandem - NOW $1699

A great bike for riding with your children!  They sit up front, while you sit in back and steer, brake, and shift. More fun than a conventional tandem, and safer too, since you can monitor your young rider more easily.  Good for kids up to roughly 5' tall and 100 pounds.  When they get too big to ride with you, it can be converted into a cargo bike by mounting a basket in place of the front seat.  Normally $2500, this is a new bike that we've had on the floor for a bit too long, so we'd like to see it find a good home.

Hase Kettwiesel Recumbent Trike - $2950

Probably the best "delta" style trike available, the Kettwiesel is a great handling trike, and lots of fun to ride.  Unlike most deltas, the seat is a fully mesh design, which cradles the rider in a way that feels very secure when cornering at speed.  This one includes a dynamo lighting system, fenders, and the very large bag Hase makes for carrying your stuff.  New, a trike like this would be about $5000.

IMG_5361 2.JPG
Easy Racers Gold Rush - $899

A true classic in the two-wheeled recumbent world, the Gold Rush was designed by Garner Martin, and was used to set a number of human powered speed records.  But what really matters to a potential buyer is that it is amazingly comfortable and stable to ride.  This one is sized Small, for riders no taller than 5'5" or so.

IMG_5363 2.JPG
Bacchetta Giro 26 recumbent - $1599

Commonly referred to as a "high racer", the Giro 26 is a speedy recumbent.  Thanks to the very aerodynamic position, this bike is perfect for long, fast rides on the bike trail. This one comes with a rear rack and full fenders, as well as Bacchetta's One Arm Bandit front light mount.  A great deal at this price.  A large frame, best for riders 5'9" or taller.

RANS Street Crank Forward - $899

The RANS crank forward bikes place the rider in a position that puts your feet further in front of your seat compared to a conventional bicycle.  This allows you to set the seat height to get proper leg extension, while still being able to touch the ground with your feet when stopped.  It also places the rider in a more upright, comfortable position, on a very wide, padded seat.  Come and check it out!

Dahon Glide folding bike - $699

The Glide is unusual in having both 24" wheels (most folders have 16" or 20") as well as having a "low step" frame for easier mounting and dismounting.  In addition it allows for an upright seating position for comfort.  The bike has an internally geared 8 speed hub for low maintenance, reliability, and ease of use.  Also included is a dynamo powered front light, so you never have to worry about batteries

Sun Atlas Single Speed Adult Trike - $300

A basic single speed trike from Sun, this is what we call a "grocery getter" at the shop, due to the spacious basket at the rear.  With only one speed, you're not going to be climbing any big hills, but if you want to cruise around your neighborhood or maybe pick up some groceries close to home, this might be just what you need.  Simple and reliable.

Looking for a bike or trike? We offer test rides by appointment at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30, Wednesday - Sunday.  
Please email and give us THREE or more times that work for you.  We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.  We are unable to make "same day" appointments.

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