Conventional Adult Trikes

PLEASE NOTE - due to demand during the COVID19 pandemic, we are out of stock on conventional bikes and trikes, and we don't have a clear sense of when we will have more.  


We don't just carry weird bikes!
We carry conventional 'grocery getter' style trikes as well.
If you are looking for a dedicated commuter, bike-packing rig or touring bike we can set you up too.


Jamis produces a wide range of bicycles, from purpose-built commuting bikes to competitive mountain bikes and road bikes.  A relatively small company, they make excellent quality bikes at competitive prices.  While we concentrate on their hybrid bicycles, suitable for the casual rider, we’d be happy to work with you if you want to order one of their other bikes.


Founded by mountain bike pioneer Joe Breeze many years ago, Breezer makes a wide range of bicycles ranging from their basic hybrid Liberty series to the sophisticated belt-drive commuter Beltway models. We've long been fans of their transportation-oriented bikes from the stylish and practical Uptown and Downtown lines, typically factory equipped with fenders, racks, and some even have lighting systems too.  Their other lines include mountain bikes and the new “gravel” style bikes, which currently aren't our focus.


If you know about Surly Bikes then you know. But if not, here's the low down...
Awesome steel frame bikes with multiple models for different terrains and disciplines and are often referred to as 'bombproof' or 'cool as hell'! Also, they have two cargo bikes in their line up!

Great as dedicated commuter bikes, touring rigs, bikepacking rigs and of course, gravel grinding.

We don't carry stock but we can special order anything off the Surly lineup and get you kitted and fitted to your new durable freedom machine!


Very popular at the entry-level in both bikes and trikes, Sun offers a variety of cost-effective recumbent trikes. We typically carry their Traditional Adult Trike, also known as a “grocery getter” trike, due to the large basket in the back that makes it ideal for shopping. They also offer an economically priced selection of crank forward bikes that we typically stock. A subsidiary of a large parts and accessories distributor, the Sun brand is widely available, making finding spare parts and such a snap.

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