Bikes for the World can put it to excellent use.

We are pleased to accept donations at the shop!

A minimum $10 donation per bike is recommended to help offset transport costs.

Have an old bike that you no longer use?


1.  Any serviceable complete (or nearly-complete) bicycle, adult or children’s.

Flat tires or a missing seat or pedal matter little. Fat-tired mountain bikes and one-speed "cruisers" are the most-desired models.  

We also accept tandems, recumbents, adult tricycles, trail-a-bikes, and even unicycles.

We welcome children’s bikes, because (1) they get children to school, (2) servicing a kid’s bike overseas generates mechanic employment just as an adult bike does, and (3) they fit well into the interstices of a shipping container (and increase the value of the shipment)!

2. Usable bicycle SPARE PARTS and components, including tubes, tires, wheels, chains, pedals, saddles, cables, and mountain bike handlebars (but not “drop” handlebars). These items fit well within the shipments of bicycles, adding value without displacing bicycles.

3. Usable bicycle accessories, including helmets, pumps, locks, gloves, chains (for locks), bicycle books and manuals, and hand tools including general tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as specialized bike tools. As with spare parts, these fit easily and add value within our shipments, and are much welcomed.

4. We also collect good-quality metal portable sewing machines in working order, or close to it.  Older Singer and similar machines are high-value, in-demand items that fit in small spaces in the shipping containers without displacing bikes.  Like bicycles, sewing machines represent a “productive asset” for a low-income working person. Most go to the same vocational programs receiving our bicycles.  As with bike donations, and accompanying contribution of $10 is strongly suggested.

What do they accept?