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Cycling in a Crisis

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

By: Emi (Dacian) Garhartt

We're all worried about the current state of things when it comes to COVID-19.

Any avid and active cyclist can tell you that taking two weeks off the bike really degrades your fitness level. The important thing is to get moving and stay healthy.

Being a couch potato during this crisis isn't going to help you out in the long run!

Many articles are already circulating about activities to do while in quarantine, from hiking, jogging, and kayaking but some parks are beginning to limit visitors and many gyms are closed. Some at-home activities such as yoga, dancing like a fool and gardening provide some decent options without venturing far from home.

Hopping on your bike and cruising the streets around your neighborhood, rather than be confined to the sidewalk, is that much safer with the reduced car traffic.

Cycling is an activity that allows for exercise without requiring physically interacting with others or touching the same equipment. Just be sure to keep a safe distance from others and avoid crowded areas. It's probably not a bad idea to wipe down your handlebars with an alcohol-based cleaner before and after your ride to keep it sanitized.

Some may already know the benefits of cycling in the forms of great cardio, low impact on joints and as an aid to mental health. In times like these, we really do need to take that mental break and keep up our fitness level as it can help bolster our immune system. You really don't have to ride with anyone else, solo riding is seen as much safer currently than group rides; unless it's just with your housemates that you are currently quarantined with.

Many bike shops are still open to help you get on your bike again. Most, if not all, are offering some sort of 'drop-off' style of service for repairs and have adjusted their cleaning schedules to keep the shop as safe as possible; but its best to check your favorite shops' current policy for how they are handling COVID-19.

Many shops may be offering gift cards or gift certificates!

It's especially important in these times to help support your local small businesses! So hop on your bike, cruise down to your favorite local restaurant and pick up some take-out!


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