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Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

By: Emi (Dacian) Garhartt

Hi again!

With all the bustling of government to push out, albeit somewhat confusing, stay-at-home orders and media pumping out article after article of whatever the newest stressful numbers are at daily, it can become a bit too much.

This thread on twitter really helps explain "Why is everything so hard lately?"

This thread really conveys that everyone's base level of stress is pretty dang high right now with the pandemic. It becomes harder to handle the load as things seem to be getting progressively direr every day.

It also points out that it's ok to take some time for yourself and decompress with fun activities that take your mind off the current state of the numbers and charts.

A great suggestion among those listed is reading a book!

And if you live in Vienna, now has never been a better time to get that into a new book you've been wanting to read, delve into another magical sci-fi noir mystery or even dig into a classic novel.

Our friends over at Bards Alley have partnered up with us at Bikes@Vienna to deliver books by bicycle to Vienna residents.

If you have a Vienna zip code, you can take advantage of this awesome collaboration.

You'll be helping support a local small business and adding to your book collection! (Never a bad thing!)

Just place your order over the phone with them! Call (571)-459-2653 and ask about Bike Pedalers!


But if books arent your thing you can always rely on your trusty, wheeled steed for some stress relief.

Whether you are indoors on a trainer or going for a short jaunt around your neighborhood and being sure to keep safe social distancing in mind, any amount of cycling is good to keep stress levels in check.

If you aren't sure if your outdoor activity of choice is allowed, may it be cycling or otherwise, be sure to check the actual document that your governor/mayor has put out, listing what is and isn't allowed.

Making yourself familiar with the actual document is always better than word of mouth!


I've linked the most current documents, as of this posting, here for you!

From all of us at Bikes@Vienna, stay safe!


Further reading?


Looking for a bike or trike? We offer test rides by appointment at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30, Wednesday - Sunday.  
Please email and give us THREE or more times that work for you.  We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.  We are unable to make "same day" appointments.

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