Trail Etiquette

By: Emi (Dacian) Garhartt

Seeing as a lot of people are hitting local trails such as the W&OD, it's a good time to reference trail rules and combine social distancing to stay safe while outside and amongst strangers.

Keep in mind, it may be safer to stick to your local neighborhood rather than travel further out with the current state of the pandemic.

  • First off, make a common-sense decision when it comes to choosing whether or not to venture onto a trail that is already crowded. If you can't easily keep 6 feet away from another person, perhaps try another time or pick a different trail/location.

  • Second, remember walkers and runners have right of way. Use the right-hand lane for travel and the left for passing. Be sure to give an audible warning when passing, even if the person you are passing visibly has earphones in. Which by the way, you are not supposed to use on the trail anyway!

  • Third, now is not the time, nor ever, is it for training for the Tour de France on the trails; especially when they are this crowded. Travel at a safe speed and always be ready to stop in an emergency. If you have to stop, pull off the paved bit of the trail to give enough space for others that are still in motion.

For more detailed trail rules check out W&OD Friends Trail Guidelines