Finding Solace Amid Chaos

By: Emi (Dacian) Garhartt

For all of us, it becomes increasingly frustrating, sitting at home and doing our best to 'flatten the curve' yet feeling hopeless. All news sounds like bad news and maybe just is bad news.

Plain and simple, we're bored and also grieving.

We've lost potential opportunities and events we had planned out. Some of us are more worried about paying bills and keeping food and toilet paper available at home than others but remember, this whole pandemic crisis is affecting everyone.

Feeling hopeless isn't wrong, it's ok to feel devastated by these unprecedented events. Though, it's also important to do our best to help each other and ourselves out by not wallowing in the endless negativity that seems to be permeating every media outlet.

Many other articles are pointing out, as well as my own prior blog post, that cycling is an excellent outlet for stress.

In Bicycling's article Cycling Mental Health Benefits they talk about a large study that showed that team sports reduced peoples 'bad mental health days' the greatest amount; with cycling indoors or outside coming a close second, being roughly 2% less effective. By average both activities reduce those mental health bad days by ~20% compared to people who didn't exercise. They also mention that due to team sports involving a social aspect to the physical activity it makes it that much more effective.